Gabby Manotoc Design

The Safari Collection

Globe-Trotter's special collection of vintage-inspired luxury luggage

Globe-Trotter is a brand known for long-lasting, hand-crafted suitcases. One of it's most popular special collections is inspired by 1920s-style Safari adventures. 

Refresh Globe-Trotter's special Safari line of suitcases with branding that targets a younger audience. 


The overall branding aims to bridge the golden age of travel, which is remembered as elegant and luxurious, with a more contemporary aesthetic. Inspiration was taken from the clean lines of the suitcases, warm tones of the African wilderness, as well as vintage materials and textures 1920s British colonial fashion. 

Luggage by Globe-Trotter are stylish and unique (each piece is handmade). This was brought to the collection's logotype through custom handwritten script. The warm tones of the African Savannah were translated into more pastel hues to maintain a softer elegance. A very dark gray (almost black) is used sparingly for dramatic effect when needed to emphasize certain elements.

Soft, muted color palette with the occasional touch of black for dramatic effect.

Hand-drawn animal illustrations were translated into repeat animal patterns as an additional branding element. The illustrations were drawn through the stippling method to add a more human texture as well as a vintage feel. 

Pop-Up Retail Store

Three old shipping containers were used to design and build a pop-up showroom and retail store for The Safari Collection. Shipping containers are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. They are also reminiscent of sea travel to the more adventurous side of the world. Moreover, it's a surprising and disruptive material that will help make the brand feel accessible to a younger audience.

The interior of the shop is designed with a mix of the animal patterns (converted to wallpaper at different scales) as well as wood panels, a vintage world map, and black and white photos.

The exterior walls are a hand-drawn interpretation of topographic lines on a map.

To create the base template that I used to design the store, I rendered the store in 3D with sketch up.

Collection Lookbook

A simple Lookbook was designed for customers to take from the store. It contains the history of the globe-trotter brand as well as photos of the bags in the collection.

Fun Fact