Gabby Manotoc Design

Samsung Milk Music

The perfect song for every moment

Samsung US Mobile

The team at R/GA was asked by Samsung to build a campaign that would grow the user base of Milk Music. Through digital, online advertising, that ads would communicate the advantages of the service compared to its competitors (i.e. Pandora, Spotify etc.) 

The creative focused on people’s love to find a song for every moment. This aligned well with the sheer number of songs available on Milk – 13 million. Through the use of visceral imagery, the ads evoked moments, moods and the imagination.

My Role: Visual Designer

Creative Directors   Qian Qian, Tristan Kincaid
Associate Creative Director   Ethan Schmidt
Copywriter   Steven Ashford
Associate Producer   Rebecca Bartley

* The images used were sourced from different sites and artists online by the creative team. If you know where one image is from feel free to reach out and I will be happy to include the credit.

The advertising utilizes the same animation (but a more simplified version) that Milk Music has in it's application. The notch moves around the circle and changes color to match the gradient. When the color changes the image changes as well.

Fun Fact