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Samsung Digital Ad System

How I became #bannerqueen (aka creating a flexible, design system for Samsung's digital banner ads across North America)


Samsung US Mobile


One of the most constant work streams across advertising agencies is the production of online banner ads. As a young designer, I build the early part of my career churning out hundreds of banners a month.  I quickly earned the title of #bannerqueen for my creative team at R/GA New York.

However, because there were multiple designers and multiple agencies working on banners, there was a strong need for a design system that any designer could reference. The goal was to ensure consistency across all sizes and use cases for multiple products. 

My task was to build this system based upon my past experience of the most successfully designed units.

My Role: Visual Designer

Creative Directors   Qian Qian, Tristan Kincaid
Associate Creative Director   Tal Shub
Producer   Thao Le

Below is a summarized version of some of the main design rules created for this system. Each flexible grid was stress-tested for multiple use cases. 

The full PDF version the guideline can be found here.


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