Gabby Manotoc Design

Port City Review

An annual literary arts journal

For the third year in a row, I was in charge of producing, curating and designing the Port City Review. This year I hired two amazing designers, Eli Schneider and Jordan Wright to design the journal with me.

This edition explores, both visually and thematically, the relationship between dark and light. This was our guiding principle as we laid out pieces from dozens of artists, each with its own unique inspiration. The beginning of the book focused on work that was heavier in mood and tone. This slowly transitioned towards the light hearted pieces at the end.

Tabs on the top of each of the left hand pages explore the theme. Each page uses a slightly lighter tone/swatch - from the side of the book, users see a visual representation of the dark to light transition.

Page numbers and pull quotes are handwritten. This is to emphasize the more human aspect of the journal.

Port City Review Tablet App

For the third year I decided to publish the journal as a mobile app available on the app store. Due to the limited number of print copies we can produce per year, the digital version allows us to extend our reach to the larger community. This was designed and programmed in Adobe's Digital Publishing suite. Many interactions and animations were native to the program while others were additional web elements that we had to code. The app can be viewed in both portrait and landscape orientation.

Opening page video

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