Gabby Manotoc Design

Golden Adventure Agency

A travel agency designed for to ignite the adventurous side of seniors

What does courage mean? How does it manifest itself in today's world and how can we encourage people to find their bravery? Courage is often associated with the young and naive. However, the elderly are often forgotten about. Despite having lived a full life, there are still adventures to be had.

Design a solution that provides elderly people (seniors, around 65 years old) the opportunity to travel in a safe and convenient way. Inspire courage in the demographic through multiple deliverables in the appropriate mediums. Bridge the gap between children of the computer age and a generation that, for the most part, still isn't used to using technology. 


Golden Adventure Agency is a fictional travel agency designed specifically for seniors and their families living in the present-day. All pieces considered function (for low vision readers, imprecise fingers, no feature bloat, etc.) as well as the ultimate goal of the agency - to inspire a sense of adventure without overwhelming its customers. 

The name of the agency, "Golden Adventure Agency" stems from the play on the meaning of "Golden." This word means excellent, promising, lauded, special, etc. In colloquial language, it is also often used as a euphemism for old age. 

The initial phases of my process was first figuring out who the users of the agency are and their journey from awareness of Golden to the adventure of a lifetime. Following this, I did research via online searching, reading travel magazines and interviewing people within my demographic. I was able to create the four main kinds of users that the agency caters too and outline the main traits I would be most interested in when designing their adventure.

The Golden Adventure App aims to be a traveller's ultimate companion. The experience and the interface were designed for the specific demographic of the agency.

The process began with wireframes to outline the basic user flow from function to function within the app. 

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After wireframing, I then started to think about how to translate the ideal user experience into the interface.

Custom iconography, both outlined and filled, were designed on the same grid for brand cohesiveness.

The app opens to show the user their dashboard. Here they are greeted with that day's itinerary (alternatively, the itinerary for the first day of their next trip).


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